We are paranoid about our fish health. We do not accept fish from private individuals as donations, in trade or in outright purchase as we cannot guarantee their health and do not have the capacity to properly quarantine them. We get all of our fish directly from the breeder without going through a distributor, run uv lights and high salt in all of our holding tanks to assure you are getting healthy fish. We guarantee our fish for seven days.

We carry:

Mosquito Fish -eat mosquito larvae in small ponds, act as birth control for your koi and goldfish in larger ponds

Golden Orfes – Orfes are a schooling fish and a surface feeder. We recommend a minimum of 4 fish for a school. Orfes like to jump out of the water after bugs and are very hyper-active. They will reach a size of up to 18” or more so we do not recommend them for anything less than a 1200 gallon pond.


We carry a number of varieties and price points of goldfish – red comets, yellow comets, sarasa comets, shubunkins and fantails. We do not carry the more highly bred varieties like lionheads or bubble-eyes as they do not winter over well outside.


We carry koi in both butterfly and regular koi starting at $12.49 each






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